Green Virtual Realist

AL25OCT16H304Originally from an estonian town called Kunda, where I got my excellent secondary school education and took first steps as a active citizen. Moved on to the University of Tartu, where I did a bachelors and masters degree in psychology and am currently chasing my PhD in computer science, working in computational neuroscience. The start-up city of Tartu had a big influence on me, so I went and founded a science popularization company Psychobus and a virtual reality arcade Futuruum. As a public service I co-organize the estonian VR community EEVR and for the benefit of a brighter future I contribute as an advocacy expert in the non-profit Estonian Green Movement.

My current priorities are:
1) Rapid climate change,
dealing with the reasons and repercussions in the energy sector.
2) Virtual reality as a new medium,
using it wisely in different fields.

PS – Why Madis “Mad” Vasser? Because the world needs more crazy ideas!

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