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AL25OCT16H304Originally from an estonian town called Kunda, where I got my excellent secondary school education and took first steps as a active citizen. Moved on to the University of Tartu, where I did a bachelors and masters degree in psychology and am currently chasing my PhD in computer science, working in computational neuroscience. The start-up city of Tartu had a big influence on me, so I went and founded a science popularization company Psychobus and a virtual reality arcade Futuruum. As a public service I co-organize the estonian VR community EEVR and for the benefit of a brighter future I contribute as an advocacy expert and board member in the non-profit Estonian Green Movement.

My current priorities are:
1) Rapid climate change,
dealing with the reasons and repercussions in the energy sector.
2) Virtual reality as a new medium,
using it wisely in different fields.


„I don’t want virtual reality to become something that distances us
from the real world, such that nature would only exist in the computer”
– Artificial intelligence psychologist ( portal)

“Making our economy less resource intensive will be better in many ways,
because people will have more spare time, higher quality relationships and better health. Economy in its original meaning was a means to live better. It does not have to be the ends.”
– Technology is not always our saviour (Postimees)

“It is irresponsible for Estonia to bet on the worsening of the environmental situation and that our nations double-the-average contribution will not be noticed. So, we do not have a plan, but we have a wicked scheme!”
– When will the future start? (Postimees)

“Alternative systems should be developed right now, even when our local climate and life support systems look functional when looking out the window.”
– Degrowth: why the economy does not need to grow (Müürileht)

“There are no easy choices for the new parliament – we either change our way of life substantially in the coming years and hope for the best or we continue without ambition and lock ourselves surely on the path of ecological disaster.”
– Nature dies last (ERR)

“To really start to solve the ongoing crisis, we need two things. Firstly, to collectively understand that a public interest for positive post-growth alternatives exists. This is already evident in the ongoing climate strikes. Secondly, to settle clearly, which of these new paths we will all take on. This can be achieved through a climate crisis citizen assembly.”
– Who wants to leave worse off then now? (Postimees)


PS – Why Madis “Mad” Vasser? Because the world needs more crazy ideas!

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